Are Standing Desks Overrated Or Worth It?

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Standing desks are becoming quite popular due to the notion that they offer health benefits. In the past years, standing desks and treadmill desks have been the latest hype in workplaces and home offices.

They are the perfect alternative to help fight the adverse health problems of sitting down all day. While the fame of these desks has died down a little, they continue to grow in popularity.

But are they overrated? Or are they worth it? Continue reading to find out.

Are standing desks overrated or worth it

Are Standing Desks Worth It?

Answering this question depends on who is using the desk. Although research shows that additional activity in your work day can improve physical health, the use of standing desks still remains a debate. A sit stand desk has been shown to improve the general work experience of employees, as well as improve productivity and employees’ mood at work. Whether they are worth it for you ultimately depends on your personal preference and your sitting and standing routine.

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Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desk ergonomics result in some benefits that you may not experience while using a traditional desk. These standing desk benefits will help you combat the effects of sitting on an office chair at your desk for long hours.

Standing desks reduce back pain

Research suggests that back pain is a common problem associated with office workers because they sit all day. Studies have been conducted to help prove this theory. For example, a study published by CDC found that sit-stand desks reduce neck and upper back pain by 54% after four weeks of use. 

Improves energy levels and mood

A good standing desk has a positive impact on overall well-being. For example, in a seven-week study, the participants who used standing desks reported experiencing less fatigue and stress than sitting down. They also reported increased energy expenditure and vigour throughout the day working while standing versus sitting in the same position.

Standing helps lower the risk of obesity and weight gain

Weight gain, obesity and high blood pressure are a commonly experienced health issue with office workers due to prolonged sitting and sedentary behavior. They take in calories but have no way of burning them due to low levels of daily activity. While exercise is the best alternative to burn calories, standing also helps.

Standing desks may lower blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels are a significant risk to your general health, especially for type 2 diabetes. Standing, especially after the lunch break, helps reduce your blood sugar spike compared to sitting down for prolonged periods at sitting desks.

Improves mental health

Sitting for long periods may be associated with mental health risks like depression and anxiety. But, according to research, most standing desks help elevate general mood-improving your mental health in turn.

How Much Do Standing Desks Cost?

Before judging what height adjustable desk is best and if they are worth it,

it is important to consider the prices of various types of sit stand desk types.

We’ve already discussed the health benefits of these desks, now here’s more info on why these desks can appear to be quite the initial investment despite their great benefits.

The pricing on standing desks depends on several factors. The features, functionality, brand, and model all influence the pricing.

Electric standing desks are also adjustable using electric systems with one or two motors.

A basic standing desk model starts at $500, while the higher-end electric models cost around $800 and up depending on the table top you choose.

In general, you can get a high-quality standing desk with dual motors for $800. However, you may choose to pay extra depending on your preferences, style, and needs.

Remember, a standing desk is more than a traditional desk station setup.

You may consider a dual electric motor worth the extra cost in order for you to get the most benefits from sitting and standing.

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How Long Can Standing Desks Last?

The longevity of a standing desk will also help determine if they are overrated or not, as well as whether they are worth swapping your existing desk for. Most of the time, some companies with top range of standing desks comes with an up to 10-year limited warranty, so you’re protected in the event that you run into issues with your standing desk. Selecting a dual-motor system can also help to reduce the amount of strain on each motor, resulting in your standing desk motors lasting longer.

Always take excellent care of your standing desk to facilitate its longevity. Consider the weight limit when using your desk. Too much weight will strain its motor mechanism, causing it to wear out faster than it should.

How Long Do Electric Standing Desks Last?

When you invest in a high quality electric standing desk, it should last for up to 10 years or more. Ensure the company you purchase your desk from provides a warranty in order to protect your investment. Lower-quality desks may experience motor and stability issues which can affect your usage. An electric standing desk is one of those products where you get what you pay for. When it comes to these ergonomic desks, a high-quality motor will be able to manage the rigours of your needs at work and work without issues for many years.

Do Electric Standing Desks Use A Lot Of Electricity?

No, electric standing desks don’t use a lot of electricity. The great thing about electric standing desks is that they take up only a small amount of power so there’s no need to worry about your power bill. Since you won’t be doing any prolonged standing which can be bad for your joints, your desk will only be adjusted every half hour, one hour or two hours, depending on your sit stand routine. This means that not much electricity will be used since infrequent adjustments that may use a little more electricity take only a few seconds.

Are Electric Standing Desks Reliable?

Today’s electric standing desks are reliable when they are made from quality materials and often offer multiple years of warranty. When you purchase top quality sit stand desks from a reputable company, you can be assured of effortless sitting to standing transitions daily for many years.

Electric standing desks may be reliable, but their longevity greatly depends on the frequency of use, quality of the motor, and load capacity. Additionally, you need to take good care of your new desk and not overload the motors.

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What Makes An Electric Standing Desk Better For Health?

Electric standing desks have many benefits for the user, making them the ideal choice for your work environment. They significantly improve your health and activity levels by incorporating more physical activity and movement into your day and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. When standing at these desks, your upper body becomes engaged, which improves your posture, reducing stress on your lower back. Being in a standing position for short periods also encourages weight loss and helps manage chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes, in comparison to the use of normal desks where you’re experiencing sitting time for long periods.

Electric Standing Desk vs Manually Adjustable Standing Desk

A manually adjustable standing desk allows you to use manual control to adjust the work surface height using a hand crank. The hand crank helps adjust the desk vs. the electric model that functions via a motor. The manually adjustable standing desks are also more affordable than the electric ones.

On the other hand, an electric standing desk is easy to operate, and you can lift the working surface with the touch of a button. They come in various configurations, easy adjustments, automation, and shapes. However, fixing them can be challenging and expensive if anything breaks on the electric desks – thus the need for multiple years of warranty on your standing desk purchase, so you can rest assured that your desks will be taken care of.

Ultimately, both types of desks are reliable, well-engineered, and are must-have office equipment. These are a great addition to any modern home office.

Are Standing Desks Overrated?

Standing desks are not overrated. It is evident that using a standing desk is the best option for convenience and making your office area or home office more comfortable. They also make things easier to do and facilitate productivity.

The most convenient advantage of using an electric standing desk is that it gives you room to adjust the desk to any position you may need it to throughout the day. In addition, you do not need to move the desk at any point physically. This means you will have less strain on your neck and back and less shoulder pain, helping you prevent injuries.

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Should You Get A Standing Desk?

Standing desks are the new buzz in the modern offices and home offices. They elevate the working experience by keeping employees motivated and active throughout the day. In addition, it is the best way to give the body some physical movement which is good for avoiding health issues like chronic diseases. Always remember that it is crucial to take a few breaks in between when using a standing desk to avoid body pain and injury; this is where the adjustability comes in handy. Take a look at a range of standing desks today!

Standing desks, if used properly, have a wide range of benefits, both to your work life and your wellbeing. Varying our working position throughout the workday has been shown to help with back, neck and joint pain.

Moving while we work is useful to keep active the muscles which otherwise seize up during the day, which helps prevent muscle pain. Moving during the day and varying our position at work can also promote good blood flow, help regulate the metabolism and help control weight gain. We’ll get into the specifics in a little while.

Many standing desk users report an uptick in productivity and energy levels throughout the day. Employers are convinced too: finding an entire office fitted with standing desks nowadays is easy.

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