The Best Standing Desks You Can Buy In Australia

Tyson Sewell | Last updated May 28, 2023 | Published on Jan 22, 2023

By now, we’ve all heard the health and productivity benefits of a standing desk and adopting a sit stand work-style. And with more of us working from home than ever, now is the perfect time to get a standing desk for your home – whether you’re full time WFH or just occasionally, you know you’ll get plenty of use, and benefit, from it.

But how do you choose a standing desk, and which are the best standing desks in Australia today?

Read on and i’ll show you the best overall, best all round, best budget and best option for tall people, as well as covering the best standing desk convertor, and some notable exclusions.

best standing desks you can buy in Australia

Australia’s Top Standing Desks Are:

  1. Best Standing Desk Overall: Desky Dual Standing Desk
  2. Best Standing Desk for Value: Artiss Standing Desk
  3. Best Standing Desk for Taller People: Vari Stand Up Desk
  4. Best Stand Up Desk For Comfort: UpDown Pro Desk
  5. Best Desk Converter: Movi Desk Converter
  6. Best “Big Box Store” Sit Stand Desk:  IDASEN Sit Stand Desk

1. Desky Dual Standing Desk

Best overall standing desk in Australia.

The Desky Dual Adjustable Stand Up Desk takes pride of place in my list. The best premium sit stand desk, with the widest range of options and class-leading stability and speed, it leads the pack in nearly every category: making it (IMHO) the best electric standing desk available in Australia today.


The first thing to discuss when considering any high quality standing desk is the frame. The Desky Dual frame is both heavy-duty, and nimble. Weighing in at 36kg, the Desky frame is not the heaviest of all – but it’s certainly heavy enough to keep the desktop stable, both in use and in operation. The design of the frame and ultra-wide feet see to that.

One advantage the Desky has over its standing desk competitors is the speed (and stability) of operation. The dual motors give the Desky frame a very punchy 140kg lift capacity – but most importantly, they manage this at a speed of 36mm/second, and are powerful enough to maintain this speed, without any wobble, when fully loaded.

In operation, we found that the frame lived up to the claims – when fully loaded, even with slightly less stable items loaded, like headphone stands, there’s no perceptible shake or wobble during lift-off or landing. Given that I like to change up my position during the day as often as possible, 10 secs from sitting to standing is obviously ideal.

Desky dual sit stand desk bamboo desktop

The best standing desk is suitable for 95% of users with a seated and standing height range of 60-125 cm. The 4 programmable height presets allow you to save your ideal positions too, which is a big advantage when you’re in the thick of it.

The desktop itself is available in small, medium or large – medium will be more than enough for most people, at 150cm x 750cm. For those with larger setups or busy pros who just need more space, the 180cm x 70cm gives ample room for maneuver.

It’s also the most customisable of all the standing desks in this list, offering the best choice of desktops, the widest range of desktop colours, frame colours, as well as optional cable management. You can choose from melamine, rubberwood, bamboo, hardwood and softwood desktops, each in their own range of finishes – so there’s something to suit nearly everyone. I personally loved the bamboo desktop.

Their (optional) scalloped standing desk also allows you to place right up against the wall or other furniture pieces without the use of grommets. A cable management tray (or grommet holes) can be selected depending on your preference. Desky’s products are Green Tag Certified, supporting sustainable and responsible forest management.


  • 140kg lift capacity is powerful enough, but is still outgunned by some other premium standing desks.
  • The maximum elevation of 125cm is slightly less than some other standing desks – although for 95% of people this will not be an issue.

My Verdict

The Desky has the fastest and stablest transition speed, and the most stable standing desk frame out there. It offers an incredible range of quality desktop options, and finishes, and the large size desktop is big enough to accommodate (and lift) the most demanding setups.

There are heavier and more powerful desks, but despite that the Desky still stands out from the crowd as the best standing desk in Australia today.

Key Features

  • Wide range of desktop materials and designs
  • Fastest transition from seating to standing
  • Seated to standing height range of 60-125 cm to suit 95% of users
  • 4 pre-programmable height presets
  • Scalloped design allows placement against walls or desks (optional)
  • Integrated cable management system (optional but a must have in my opinion)
  • 10 year warranty


Prices start at $875 for a Melamine Desktop, around $1029 for a Rubberwood, and reach nearly $2,400 for certain hardwood options. That puts the Desky Dual in roughly the same range as the other premium standing desk options on this list, like the UpDown Pro.

However, I think the Desky represents better value for money, mainly for the choice. The Dual allows you to make the best desk for you – and let’s face it, we’re all different. For your money, with the Desky you’re more likely to get a standing desk that suits you, and your home or office space. That’s why we think Desky make the best standing desks in Australia.



  • Height range from 60cm to 125cm
  • Lifting capacity of 140kg
  • Desktop sizes 1200 x 700, 1500 x 750 and 1800 x 750
  • 4 pre-programmable height presets

2. Artiss Standing Desk

The best standing desk in Australia for those on a budget.


The Artiss sit stand desk has all the essential features you expect from a standing desk, albeit somewhat pared back from the premium desks on this list. As this is our budget standing desk option, there is less choice and fewer frills, but this is still a very serviceable electric standing desk nonetheless.

The desktop is available in two sizes, 120cm and 140cm, and with the price difference between them so small, the 140cm option is almost always going to be the best choice.

There is a choice of desktop finishes for no extra fee, which is a nice touch. White, Black, Natural Oak, and Walnut all look pretty decent, and for most it should be just enough choice to find a style to suit the workspace you’re using. Cable management holes are included and combined with grommets to keep your wires out of the way.

Artiss Standing Desk

A lift capacity of 100kg is modest compared to the more expensive standing desks on this list, but will be enough for many homeworkers. Probably look elsewhere if you have a complex setup though.

Probably the most surprising feature of the Artiss stand up desk is the control module, which looks and feels as good as many of the more expensive options. I’ve not road tested the lift function myself, but I’ve heard anecdotally that the Artiss is steady, if a little slow.


  • Modest load capacity
  • Not the most stylish
  • Cheap and nasty controller

The Artiss doesn’t look cheap by any means, but you can tell the difference between this and a top of the range stand desk like the Desky Dual. Then again, it’s not really made to comete with a premium standing desk, and is the best in its price range – although it doesn’t feel premium, it’s well built, solid, and should keep you going for a few years.


  • Two desktop sizes – 140 cm x 70 cm or 120 cm x 60 cm
  • 100Kg load capacity
  • Height range 69cm to 118cm


The price seems to vary quite a bit depending on where you look for the Artiss, so keep your eyes peeled and search out the best deal. It can be found for $573.90 on the manufacturer’s site, at the time of writing, but can be found cheaper elsewhere.

The Honourable Mention

Lazy Maisons Dual Motor (120Kg)

Lazy Maisons standing desk

The Lazy Maison Dual motor might be a better option for those still on a budget, but who need a little more bang for their buck when it comes to lift capacity. With 120kg of heft, it’s a great in-betweener standing desk option – but couldn’t be awarded best cheap option as it lacks in other areas.

It doesn’t raise as high as the Artiss, which is a draw back as the Artiss already had a relatively modest height capacity. Also, be careful not to confuse this with the inferior single motor model, which is only capable of 80kg lift.

Overall, it’s in the honourable mentions for a reason – this is good for someone who can’t justify the Desky but needs a stronger motor. Otherwise, for a budget option, go for the Artiss.


  • Desktops sized 150 cm x 75 cm or 120 cm x 60 cm
  • Height range from 69cm to 113cm
  • 120Kg lift capacity


Be sure to shop around for this one too – as it always seems to be priced higher on the manufacturers website. Available at last check starting from $495.

3. Vari Stand Up Desk

Best standing desk for taller people.

The Vari standing desk is not particularly exceptional except for one quality – it is the tallest standing desk on the Australian market, and as such a godsend for some people. At 128cm, it edges out the Desky, but aside from this, it doesn’t offer much more – and isn’t the prettiest of our bunch either.

Another plus of the Vari Standing Desk is the quick assembly – down to their unique legs, which allow the desk to be put up in ten minutes. However, it is lacking in early every other department vs the Desk Dual, so unless you’re very tall (6’4″+) you should opt for the Desky or one of the other premium options, as they’re all roughly in the same price range as Vari’s electric standing desk.


  • Highest height capacity of any desk on the market
  • Super Quick assembly


  • Lacks in the looks department.


  • 122cm x 76cm desktop
  • Limited load capacity – 99.8 kg
  • Height adjustment range between 63.5 cm and 128 cm

Please note – the Vari is often out of stock in Australian stores.

vari standing desk

4. UpDown Pro Desk

Solid All-Rounder

In at number 4 – the UpDown Desk Pro is a great alternative standing desk option to the Desky Dual, and although it’s lacking the range of options and (to many eyes) the good looks of the Desky, it has a few key features which will make it a good choice for some users.

Updown pro standing desk

UpDown Pro vs Desky Dual

The first thing to note with the UpDown desk is the weight. With the frame weighing in at 41kg, vs the 36kg Desky, that’s a 5kg gain. Now, the weight can be a plus and a minus – extra weight does add to the stability of the desk, but in our testing we found no discernible difference here – probably due to the Desky frame design that features a full length cable management system, which further bolsters the frame.

Extra weight is of course a factor if you ever need to move the desk around or rearrange, so depending on your needs, this could be considered a minus. The UpDown does however have a bigger lifting capacity than the Desky sit stand desk, capable of lifting 150kg – which, although impressive, is simply more lift then 99% of users will ever need – hence the relatively low ranking. If you have a particularly heavy set up, the UpDown is a great option.

The other key difference is the height, with the UpDown 2.5 cm taller – which is unlikely to be an issue for you unless you’re over 6’4″, in which case there are other desks which might suit your needs better. It cannot be lowered as far as the Desky, which may be an issue for some users.

The hardwood tables are of a good quality and look great, but again UpDown are trumped by Desky here. Desky’s range of options mean you can find a desktop and frame combo to suit nearly any home or office, whereas the UpDown range is a little more limited – but still near the top of the pile of sit stand desks.


  • 150kg lift capacity is perfect for heavy and complex setups
  • Height range of 64 – 127.5cm to suit taller users
  • 10 year warranty for frame and components
  • 41kg frame provides stability for heavier setups
  • 100 day trial period


  • Only a 5 year warranty offered on the desktop
  • Frame weight can make this desk a pain to move
  • Lack of options compared to the Desky

My Verdict

For those who find the Desky is too low or doesn’t have enough lift, the UpDown Pro is a great option. Comparable in terms of desktop size, the UpDown has greater lifting power and a heavier frame, so it is a more powerful sit stand desk.

However, despite the slightly higher range of heights, it can’t be lowered as far as the Desky. It does not have the range of options of the Desky, and in our tests did not prove to be quite as stable in transition as the very best standing desks in Australia.

Key Specifications

  • 150 kg lifting capacity
  • Up to 180 cm (W) x 75 cm (D) desktop options
  • Height extension between 64cm and 127cm
  • Built-in anti-collision system prevents your desk hitting your chair.


As this is a premium standing desk, it appears right towards the top of the price point – right alongside the Desky Dual standing desk. A Melamine version can be had starting at $914, but with the Jarah Desk starting at $2249, these are right at the top end of our scale.

5. Movi Desk Converter

Best standing desk converter.

Converting your static desk to a hybrid standing desk is probably not the best solution for many – however, both spacial and financial constraints could well make the Movi Standing Desk Converter the best option for you.

The first issue with convertors is that you will lose some of your desk space, as they rest on the desktop and you lose access to that space. Second, is the lift capacity – the Movi had a fairly modest (compared to the standing desks in this list) capacity of 15kg, which is not going to be enough if you want to lift multiple monitors or other heavy gear.

However, if you have limited space, only use one or two light monitors, and don’t want to outlay of a a proper standing desk, the Movi is the best of the existing convertors.

Movi lite standing desk

An 115x70cm surface should accommodate most monitors, and relatively quick lift at 30mm/sec should make transitions fairly seamless. The piece comes fully assembled, and a 2 year warranty is included. The Pro model features memory recall to save your last position, as well as two USB charging points.


  • Winner of the 2019 Good Design Australia award
  • Cheaper than most standing desks
  • Comes fully assembled out of the box
  • Adds up to 44cm height onto your existing desk


  • Limited 15 kg Lift Capacity
  • Expensive considering it’s convertor


The Movi Lite is listed on their website for $599 and the Pro$799, but this does change so be sure to check (and shop around!).

6. IDASEN Sit Stand Desk

Best IKEA Standing Desk.

This is one of two electric standing desks offered by IKEA , but it’s the only one to be seeded. The BEKANT (which i discuss later) is the budget IKEA option, but the Artiss has already taken that slot in my list.

The IDASEN has more to offer than the BEKANT, in terms of looks and functionality. Easier to use, and much better looking, it is a definite upgrade on the other IKEA offerings.

And although it didn’t pip the Artiss, it does have a much greater height range – so could be a solid option for a taller person who’s on a budget, or only needs to use their electric standing desk occasionally.

There are a a couple of other key advantages the Artiss has over it’s IKEA competitor:

  • The Artiss is roughly $150 cheaper.
  • The Artiss can carry 30kg more.
Idasen sit stand desk from ikea

As well as this, this is the only electric sit stand desk which is operated via a smartphone app, rather than a dedicated controller. This might seem neat to some people, but personally I don’t like the idea of losing the part of the functionality of the desk when my phone dies or is damaged. There are manual controls on the desk, and vs firing up the app every time, you’re most likely to just use these anyway.


  • Lowest weight capacity of all electric standing desks on the list at only 70kg
  • A lot more expense vs the Artiss for what you get.
  • No height preset buttons or dedicated controller.

Other Specifications

  • Height adjustment range of 63 cm to 127 cm
  • 1600mm x 800mm desktop

Should You Buy A Standing Desk?

Standing desks offer a host of benefits, and with many more of us now working from home or hybrid working, there’s never been a better time to invest in an electric standing desk. The best standing desk for you is altogether another thing – which is why I’ve put together this article to help you decide.

Compared to fixed height standing desks have some key advantages. Static desks, normally, mean that you are going to be sitting for the whole day – whereas a stand up desk allows you to change your position and stay active.

This is important because, as you may have read, sitting is considered by some health professionals to be as dangerous as sitting. Sedentary lifestyles have led to an epidemic of obesity, and a whole host of other health issues.

Using a standing desk to remain active during the working day can lower your blood pressure, increase blood flow, and help prevent weight gain associated with sitting all day. This in turn helps you offset a range of other weight related health problems.

Using a standing desk also allows the user to find the best position relative to their desk when sitting or standing, which can not only improve posture, but can help to prevent work related injuries and strains, like carpal tunnel and other repetitive strain injuries.

There is also a body of evidence to show using a standing desk can help to boost productivity – and if you think about it with reference to the above, it makes sense. Standing desks help to maintain a healthy blood flow, and offset the sluggishness that can come with sitting all day.

This means you will have more energy throughout the workday, which will allow you to work better and with more focus, even towards the end of the day.

an office clerk stuck on an office chair the whole day

Standing Desks Terms and Types

There are many words to describe standing desks: sit stand desk, stand up desk, standing table, even sit down stand up desk – but generally they describe the same thing, which essentially is a height adjustable desk. Standing desk, used to describe an adjustable desk which allows you to both sit and stand, is actually a little misleading – and could be confused with a fixed height standing desk or dedicated standing desk.

Dedicated standing desks are generally used for drafting and drawing, and are often used with a stool. They’ve not been included here as they are quite niche, and we are concerning ourselves with height adjustable standing desks. Fixed height standing desks certainly have their uses, but that’s a whole other article.

Lift capacity, or load, describes the amount of weight the frame and motors can safely carry without wobble or the motors failing. Height presets, available on only the best standing desks, allow you to dial in your perfect heights ahead of time, and then select at the press of a button when changing position.

A few other desk types to look out for:

Manual Standing Desks – similar to electric standing desks, but these are often pneumatic and have a much lower lift capacity.

Electric sit stand desk – this describes an adjustable desk with motorised lift.

Standing desk converters – These usually sit on top of your desk like the Movi. A standing desk converter may be suitable for you if you already love your current desk.

Cable management – describes the holes, grommets, or on more advanced desks the integrated cable management tray, which keeps all of your wires safely and neatly tucked away.

What I looked for in Stand-Up Desks

Desk Frame

It all starts with the frame, which will define how stable, how strong, how fast, and how usable the desk is. A solid frame design is crucial for a standing desk, for two reasons.

First, the frame (and motors) need to be strong enough to support and lift all of your gear without wobbling in transition. But then, crucially, the frame needs to be weighty and rigid enough to keep your desk stable at full height.

Solid frame design is killer if you are to select the best desk.

Lift Capacity and Speed

Before you buy a desk, it’s important to do a rough audit of how much your stuff actually weighs. Most of us will have no idea how much our monitor or PC weighs, so figure this out first. If you have a particularly heavy set up, you’ll need a desk that has a hefty lift capacity, to make sure your gear is safe in transition.

Desktop Size

The amount of desktop real estate you can get for your money is of course, a crucial factor. For some of us, it’s because we need to fit a desk into a cramped space, so a desk with a range of sizes will be ideal. For others, maximum space to work is required, and so the largest desktop should be sought.

And again, it all routes back to the frame – make sure the frame you’ve selected is up to the job of raising a heavier desktop if that’s the way you decide to go.

Range Of Choices

This is my final category here, but actually the most important. With most desks, especially at the higher end of the price scale, offering similar stats and performance, the real difference becomes how adaptable the desks are. Desky’s Dual tops the list due to their crazy range of sizes, woods, finishes and accessories, which to me seemed enough that pretty much anyone could find a Desky standing desk to suit their home or office.

Exclusions from my list

Not every desk could make the list, but i have included some of the other options below as they have been tested, and there are some important factors as to why they were not included.

IKEA BEKANT Sit Stand Desk

ikea bexant standing desk

The BEKANT was IKEA’s original budget standing desk, but over the last few years the price has shot up (inexplicably) meaning that this would no longer compete punch for punch as a budget option. Besides this, it has a few serious issues which make it a less good choice than the other budget options on this list.

The first and most crucial is stability – the BEKANT sit stand desk has a tendency to wobble, especially when nearing full weight capacity. And, given it’s full capacity is only 69kg, that’s a high tendency to wobble. The frame is not constructed with the same care as other desks on this list, but will serve those with minimal setups, or who only use the desk once in a while. Probably a good idea to avoid wobbly sit stand desks on carpet, so if your room is rugged – look elsewhere.


  • Overpriced.
  • Is unstable when fully loaded
  • Can only handle 69kg on the desktop.
  • Cannot programme preset heights.


ikea trotten desk

The IKEA TROTTEN is omitted from the list above as this is a manual standing desk, or crank handle standing desk, and as such is not competing in the same class as the electric standing desks in this list. I will make a list for the best manual standing desk in the near future.

Omnidesk vs Desky

Omnidesk are also in the high end standing desk range, and are one of the better known manufacturers around – so you may be wondering why they are not included on this list. On nearly every stat in fact, the Omnidesk is at least comparable to the Desky – but, for reasons I’m not 100% on, their reviews are across the board way down on both Desky and UpDown Pro. The Omnidesk MDF desktops are also thinner than others at 18mm compared to the industry standard of 25mm.

Mostly these appear to be down to customer service issues, as preferred to anything majorly wrong with their products themselves. The use of non recyclable materials in their packaging appears to be another gripe, but whatever it is, there was enough going on for me to preclude them from this list on this go.

IMHO, the range of choices is less good than both Desky and UpDown, and i didn’t find the finishes available to be as appealing. So, although it was close, Desky was certainly my choice for a top end electric standing desk, and with UpDown offering things that the Desky does not, there was simply no space for Omnidesk this time.

Is Omnidesk an Australian Brand?

Unlike Desky, Omnidesk is not an Australian brand – despite the fact they have targeted the Australian market heavily. They are in fact based in Singapore, and are brought to you by the same people behind Aftershock.

UpDown Pro vs ZenSpace Desks

The Zenspace Desk Pro is another notable exclusion, so how does it stack up against the best premium desks on our list. We’ll get to Desky in a bit, but first let’s see how it stacks up against the UpDown pro.

In terms of stats, the UpDown is stronger, lifts to the same height, and has a very comparable control system. The Zenspace does come in a little cheaper, but I would put that down to the slightly cheaper finish and materials that have been used. Again, overall the ZenSpace desk is a solid desk, but can’t quite live up to it’s newer, higher end competitors.

zen space desk pro

ZenSpace Pro Desk vs Desky Dual Desk

Again, similar stats here. The Desky and ZenSpace have the same lift speed, capacity, and rough dimensions. The ZenSpace cannot compete on options however, nor do the reviews indicate it has the same market leading stability as the Desky Dual.

ZenSpace do offer some unusual high range options which are worth a look however, and for L shaped and more unusual desks a more fair comparison could probably be made. But for the best standing desk for the most people, I went with Desky.

Why Didn’t I Include Officeworks Sit and Stand Desks?

Although Officeworks do offer a couple of standing desks, neither of them is particularly enticing, nor do they really stack up against the options on this list. The most viable option is only available in particle board, and with a maximum weight capacity of 120kg, there’s no real comparison with the other desks.

They do also offer a budget option, but as it only has one motor I would always recommend the Artiss over the Officeworks here.

Why Did I Write This?

Like many of us who’ve decided to make the plunge and get a standing desk of their own, I found myself drowning in options as soon as I googled ‘the best standing desks you can buy in Australia’. So, I dug a lot deeper, visited a bunch of stores, and in the meantime have upgraded my desk twice over two years.

I also tend to get lower back pain if I am sedentary for too long which is a common blight among office workers. personally I’ve found my stand desk is good for alleviating back pain, but this is definitley conditional on other day to day activities.

It occurred to me thinking back to that initial search that there must be people out there in the same position wondering how to choose a standing desk – so now I’m sharing my hard earned experience and research finding the best standing desks in Australia.

The Best Standing Desks In Australia

I hope this article has been helpful to you, and you now feel educated and informed enough to go and make the right choice in your standing desk. Make sure you know how much your set up weighs, how much you want to spend, and what size desk and desktop you need. Then, get out there and find the desk that best suits you, your work space and your personal style.

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