Must-Have Kids Desk Accessories

Tyson Sewell | Last updated Nov 8, 2022 | Published on Nov 7, 2022

Whether you have a new elementary school student or one who’s almost ready to graduate from high school, it’s never too late to add to their desk supplies.

Keep your kids organized and motivated with these must-have desk accessories. From fun erasers to cool pencil cases, your child will love having these tools at their fingertips.

must-have kids desk accessories

Desk Accessories

Here are our top picks for desk accessories that are sure to make your child’s school year more fun and productive:

Desk Organizers

Keep your kids desk tidy with a sleek desk organizer, perfect for pens, paper clips and other office supplies. Choose from a range of colors and styles to fit their space.

Desk Lamp

The desk lamp is the essential lighting tool for any child’s room, and it should be one of your most used pieces in their décor. Just like how you want to give them enough space so they can spread out when sitting at home or school, having an extra table surface area with bookshelves nearby also helps reduce stress from staying up late studying by providing more light than usual if needed during those last few minutes before bedtime.

Comfy Chair

The perfect study chair should be both comfortable and supportive so your child can concentrate on their work.

In addition, it needs a back that supports correctly while remaining flexible enough not to cause pain or discomfort when sitting in the same position over extended periods of time.

Bulletin Board

Use a corkboard to hang up important notes and reminders for your kids. Cork is an eco-friendly material that can be found in many colors, making it fun.

A great idea would be putting their school work on this board so they know where everything falls throughout the week or month before starting classes again next term . It’s also perfect if you want them to keep track of what needs attention at home without having tons around adding more clutter only seemingly chaotic when there should really just have been one place telling everyone’s plans simultaneously – the bulletin board.

Drawers or Shelves

The best way to organize your child’s school supplies is with a system of drawers or shelves. All the items they need for each day will be within arm’s reach, which makes getting ready in the morning much easier.

Be sure to label each drawer or shelf so they know where everything goes.


A wastebasket to collect your kid’s trash while he studies at his desk. This aids in keeping his study space tidy at all times, which will subsequently help your child focus while doing school work or any project.

Mother helping son doing homework at desk

The Importance of a Desk Organizer for Kids Doing Homework

Having a well-organized desk can help kids stay on top of their homework and assignments. By keeping things tidy and in their proper place, students are less likely to lose important papers or misplace supplies they need for projects. Adding a few fun and functional accessories – like pencil holders, paperweights, and unique staplers – can also make the space more inviting so that kids actually want to sit down at their desks to do work.

When kids sit down to do homework, a little desk organization can go a long way in saving time. How many minutes are wasted looking for the right pencil, pencil sharpener, and piece of paper when it’s time to start?

How many papers are cluttering their desk? Can they tell which papers still need to be turned in and which ones have already been graded? If you provide good storage solutions for their work and reliable desk accessories for the tools they need, there will be fewer distractions preventing them from getting their work done.

Creating a study space that is both fun and personal to your child’s tastes can make them more likely to want to spend time in it. This might mean decorating with pencil holders that look like their favorite animals or pop culture characters.

Creating a space for your kids to study doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can have everything delivered right to your door so that it’s one less thing on your plate. Having a designated area for homework can mean the difference between them wanting to do their work or putting it off until later. Plus, being able to personalize their surroundings with posters, photos, and notes from teachers will make it more enjoyable for them too.

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